A Freaky Fantastic Fall Fundraiser!

Calling all Bats and Beasts and Burners alike! Sacramento Valley Spark would like you to save the date for an event at Nelson’s GRAVE on 10/29 and 10/30. Feel free to read the FAQ below for more information on this scary cool gathering. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook for more information over the coming months. Be prepared- for something spooky, fun and inspiring! We are looking to SPARK your interest and most importantly- provide a space for the arts community to thrive! This will be the Halloween event of a lifetime that shouldn’t be missed!


What sort of event is this?

Sacramento Valley Spark will be throwing a halloween themed fundraiser on 10/29 and 10/30. Like our previous fall events, the overall purpose is to highlight the local artists in our community, be a space for self-expression to reign free, and allow our entire community to come together in and celebrate.

What is the fundraiser for?

The goal of this fundraiser is to raise $5,000 for our 2017 grant program focused on providing funds for art projects in our community.

Will this be a Decompr…

Stop! Don’t use those words! SVS will be working to meet all of the requirements of the Burning Man organization to become an official event. We plan on creating a full submission to the Sacramento regional contact team in due time. However, nothing is guaranteed. The regional contacts & Burning Man is separate from Sacramento Valley Spark. We have worked together in the past and plan on working together in the future. That does not mean we are guaranteed to become an official event nor does it mean that any other group of people are precluded from creating an official event. Feel free to contact the Sacramento Burning Man Regional Contact team at sacramento@burningman.org for all questions on becoming an official event. They are super nice and helpful and amazing people!

Are you allowed to do this while your status with the FTB is pending?  Yes! We are allowed to continue operating business as usual. This includes planning and organizing a fundraiser. For more information, see our previous blog post http://www.svspark.org/retroactive-status-ftb-update-and-the-road-ahead/ or email contact@sacvalleyspark.org with any questions you may have.

Are you doing a Request for Proposal(RFPs) for event leads?

SVS is moving in a different direction on how we throw this and future events. We will no longer be asking interested event leads to submit a proposal response to a board generated RFP. Instead, SVS will be documenting all of the details of the event and go to the community at large to look for teams to run event departments. This is part of a larger organizational structure change for SVS and will be detailed at a later time.

How can I get involved with the event?

SVS will be making announcements over the next month on how anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and wanting to do some hard work can volunteer for all sorts of positions, including event department leads. Please sit tight while we finalize details on how to get involved. You may always reach out to us on Facebook or at contact@sacvalleyspark.org. But do not worry, everyone who wants to get involved will have the opportunity to. Part of our mission is to make positive social change within our community – and we firmly believe that volunteering in our community helps make that happen.

What is the event called? How much are tickets? What about….

We know you are super excited about this event and we can not wait to share all of the information with you. Your enthusiasm is what drives this organization forward.  However, we are still in the planning stages so not everything is currently finalized. In addition, we want to get the entire community’s input in order to make this the best event we can. So please stay tuned and follow our website and Facebook for more information.

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