March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes from the March 2016 Board Meeting.  We are working to add these as PDFs in the future, so stay tuned as we get out technology rolling!


  1. Call for additions to the agenda – one added to new business
  2. Agenda Closed
  3. Call to order
    Jacalyn Dunkle called to order the regular meeting of the Board Meeting at 7:15pm on April 19,, 2016
  4. Roll Call Old Board
    Anthony Genovese conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Anthony Genovese, Feral Hollowell, Jacalyn Dunkle, Jeff Maloney, Fred Mehr, Sunshine Kelly.
  5. March Minutes – approved.
  6. New Board Members: Tim Eliseo announced newly elected Board Members, Jennifer Abbott, Chawn Scheurer, Betty Kevan, Anthony Genovese and Feral Hollowell.\
  7. Board Members Rolling Off: Jacalyn Dunkle, Deborah Coughlan and Mary Holt
  8. New Executive Committee Members:
    New appointed SVS Board members and positions elected for 2016.
    Jennifer Abbott – President
    Fred Mehr – Vice President
    Chawn Scheurer – Treasurer
    Cristina Canty – Secretary
  9. Informational Items
    1. Finance Report Given – None Given, Mary Is absent (Board recalled last known balance estimated at approximately $18k)
    2. FTB Report – None given, Mary is Absent; request to follow-up with Bookkeeper
    3. Design Arts Committee Update – Sunshine is working on combining and working on the current designs. (Two different designs to choose from)
    4. Events Committee Update – Feral personally booked Nelsons Grove for 10/27 – 10/30; Jeff to present timeline at May meeting
  10. Open Issues
    1. Fill one vacant board set – Board motions and seconds voting Cristina Canty
    2. Announcement for Fall Fundraiser – Fall fundraiser planning tabled
    3. Strategic Planning – Board tabled voting on plan as presented to allow more time for review
  11. New Business
    1. Communications Committee Creation – No action taken.
    2. Share voting results with membership – Jeff to update website and email membership list
  12. Adjournment: Adjourned at 8:35 pm.

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