Looking Back To Look Forward

We all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. In planning this year’s new event, we set aside some time to reflect on our past event successes and our misses to spur us to even greater accomplishments.  First we recognize that our community events are important as a means to join all of us in celebration.  Over the last 5 years we have been proud to be a part of bringing numerous amazing events and memories to the Sacramento valley region.  All events are built from the hard work and commitment of volunteers that step forward to contribute time and energy to make a space for connecting.  However there is always room to improve and through direct, in-person feedback from several passionate leaders in our community we came to the realization that many were still bummed out over actions and activities associated with last years event that should have been addressed.   

Looking Back

Specifically looking back at last year’s event, it was noted that event counts were ambiguous, community engagement and input acceptance was selective, and the real issues at hand did not get addressed ending in divided community with no real final closure.  We acknowledge and regret that concerns were not addressed immediately.  For that, to those who were offended or hurt, we care and ask to be forgiven.unless-someone-cares

Looking Forward

It was based on this feedback and commitment to our community that for the next event, we wanted you to know we changed our operations and practices to be in alignment with the community expectations for event creation.  As an organization, we take our responsibility to bring the people together seriously.  This is a new beginning and we want to acknowledge that we have heard you, we appreciate you and our future is to serve you with integrity.

We are excited to be able to produce a new Decompression event this year, “Spark the Dark”.   For 2016, as part of our change process, we have focused our efforts toward creating new event production practices.  This is our year to rebuild.  This year, Spark the Dark will be driven by community input. We understand there will be limitations as we are going through this transition and we ask for your continued input, patience and trust that we will work toward meeting your expectations.  We hope to be able to create the means and ability to produce events in the future that will expand upon all that we can imagine.   

We are honored to serve and thank you for your faith in Sacramento Valley Spark.

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  • If you’d like to be forgiven for the Illuminart fiasco, you might want to explain what you are doing differently now to prevent that behavior from happening inside your organization again.

    Based on the behavior of at least one of your current directors, I don’t have faith that you are. SVS does not exist to throw raves.

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