What’s ahead for 2017?

What’s ahead for 2017?

First though, let’s talk about 2016.  So yes, the best event that never happened is a thing, Spark the Dark.  We all tried for an awesome event and the weather had other plans for how things were to go down.  The amount of passion and commitment to this event exemplifies our community spirit.  

So what’s next … Spark the Dark Revisted?  Well, there is still some final paperwork, including the insurance claim and after action report.  In the end this was intended as a fundraising event for the 2017 art grant program, and through the forethought of the event team to acquire extended insurance, it looks like that will still be a reality.  And yes, plans for a new event are brewing.  Look for the after action report to be posted soon.  For any remaining refund questions please email finance@sacvalleyspark.org.

So besides that…

In 2016 SVS was able to support the community with Spark in the Park a Playa Prep Event, collaborate with the Regional Contacts to support the Crocker ArtMix Combust event and assisted the D’Oro project with a art donation to help bring a part of art from the Sacramento region to the playa.  

What’s ahead for 2017?

It can be comforting to put a framework around the uncertainty of the future and try to look ahead at what next year may bring.  Through our events and grant programs, SVS is here to support art minded people, art based events, and art related causes to grow through our organizational and financial resources. Our promise is to give back to the arts community and forward the advancement of art as form of self expression.

As we look ahead at what’s next for the coming year, we will check in with the community about your concerns, interests and ideas to shape the future.

Here’s our glimpse into some of the proposed plans:

  • 2017 Art Grant Program
  • 2017 SVS Membership and Town Hall Meeting
  • Board elections
  • 2017 Fundraising Event(s)

So as 2016 comes to an end, the SVS team would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season and thank you for your support during this year.


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