January 28, 2017


SVS Board Member Elections

The annual SVS Board Members election process is about to begin. This is your chance to help guide the organization as it moves forward with art based grants, events and interaction in the valley region.

For 2017 we have three seats open on the Board of Directors. These positions are self-nominated and then elected by the community.  If you are interested in helping shape the future of the SVS, we encourage you to read the FAQ’s below and nominate yourself between Wednesday, February 8 and Monday, February 2o, 2017.

The self-nomination form will be available starting on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 following the annual membership meeting and community town hall.

==>  Application Period has Ended <==

======>>>  Check out the candidate Bios here    <<<==============

How do nominations and elections work?

Candidates for board positions self-nominate and complete the online director application form.  Once the application period has ended the applicants profiles will be posted online for public review of the nominees.  The voting process is open to SVS members and voting is done using the online elections and voting tool OpaVote.  The voting is done with the “single transferable vote” (STV) voting method.  Following the close of voting the election results are publicly shared.

What does the SVS Board do?

The Board of Directors of the Sacramento Valley Spark are responsible for financial oversight and setting the strategic direction for serving the SVS mission: Through our events, grant programs and social media, we provide help to art minded people, art based events, and art related causes to grow through our organizational and financial resources.  At a minimum Board members are required to:

  • Attend monthly meetings; meetings last from 1-2 hours. These are currently held on monthly on the third Tuesday at varied Sacramento area locations.
  • Be available by email regularly.
  • Offer informed opinions to decisions about budgets, processes, schedules, and projects.
  • Follow Robert’s Rule of Order and help keep our meetings on track.
  • Be present and involved in the community in some way.
  • All Board members are effectively members-at-large, representing the community in general.
  • Officer positions are are voted in by the board members annually at the annual Board meeting.  Board members are encouraged to pursue officer positions that interest them.

Before self-nominating, we suggest candidates review the following additional information:

Who can run?

To run for a board position you must be a SVS member and only self-nominations are accepted.  Sign-up for membership here or to verify if your already a member send an email to contact @ sacvalleyspark dot org

Elections process for 2017

~ The Directors application period is from 2/8 – 3/17  (extended to allow more time for applicants)
~ Voting will occur 3/17 – 3/20
~ The new Directors announced 3/20 starting their first term as of 3/21!

How do I run?

Nominate yourself by completing the director application form.  You’ll be asked for some information about yourself and your interest in the SVS Board. When the nominations close, your candidate profile will be published and available for community members to browse.

Who can vote?

Voting is open to current SVS members. Each member access to the voting through a unique one time use link.  To vote, candidates are placed in order of your preference (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). The results will be calculated using an “single transferable vote” method using the online elections and voting tool OpaVote.