Community ALL CALL and Town Hall!

Growth and learning.  Since 2012 Sacramento Valley Spark has had over 20 members step up to the challenge and reward, of serving the community as a board member.  Each year the board has faced unique hurdles and has achieved amazing accomplishments; 2015 was no different.  Each lesson learned is an opportunity to do things differently and we want everyone to know that we have not forgotten the most recent lessons. The focus now, is to move upward and onward in hopes that we can bring our community closer together through positive events and activities.

2016 and beyond. Now that our status with the FTB is clarified and with less than 60 days from getting back in good standing, we are using this time to lay the groundwork for our future successes. We truly do miss the feeling that SVS supported events have held in the past. We understand that many of you want those types of events again. The good news is, we are headed back in that direction and we cannot do it without all of you.. This is where YOU get to be part of making it happen….

Participation. We need YOU, the community… in all of your awesomeness to join us in the journey of creating the future. We encourage you to get involved and NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! If you are new to volunteering, that is great! We need new & veteran volunteers, artists, non-artists and  idea generators; your voice can influence the future direction of the SVS organization.We are interested in supporting this community’s real needs and desires. This is more than just volunteering, it is a chance to gain new friendships, foster your skillsets or even discover skillsets you never thought you had. We want to know what’s in that noggin of yours and how to make all of those wonderful ideas come to life in our future events.

So you ask, how can you participate?

  1. Get involved in the October Fall Fundraiser event by attending the volunteer all call.
    • We will be hosting TWO initial “all calls” for our 2016 Fall Fundraiser event, in October. We will share our vision for what the fall fundraiser will look like and ask for volunteers to help out. This will also be an opportunity to share YOUR own ideas for an event and what you would like to see in the next year or two. Perhaps, we can even have some FUN!
    • Dates: Thursday, July 14th and Thursday July 28th
    • Time: 6pm-9pm
    • Place: Round Table Pizza on 3005 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818
  1. Share your thoughts and ideas on the future of the organization by attending  the SVS “Town Hall” event.
    • Here, you will learn about the history of SVS from 2012 until now. You are encouraged to ask questions, give insight and help us to form our strategic plan for moving forward!
    • Date:Wednesday, July 20th
    • Time:6:00pm-9:00pm
    • Place: Colonial Heights Library Meeting Room, 4799 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95820

We are looking to SPARK your interest and more importantly- provide a space for the arts community to thrive! This will be the Halloween event of a lifetime- don’t miss out! Come Volunteer!

-Anyone and Everyone is welcome to all of these events. Whether you want to spectate or just talk about camp placement, we are down for that too! <3

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