January 28, 2017

Board Duties

Board Member Duties

Obligations and Responsibilities of Board Members at a basic minimum, Board members are required to…

  • Attend monthly meetings; meetings last form 1-2 hours. These are currently held on the third Tuesday and at varied Sacramento area locations.
  • Be available by email regularly.
  • Offer informed opinions to decisions about budgets, processes, schedules, and projects.
  • Follow Robert’s Rule of Order and help keep our meetings on track.
  • Be present and involved in the community in some way.
  • All Board members are effectively members-at-large, representing the community in general.
  • Officer positions are are voted in by the board members annaully at the annual Board meeting.  Board members are encouraged to pursue officer positions that interest them.

Since Board membership is a 2-year term, we’ve found that most new Board members spend their first year figuring how best to serve, then really kick into high gear in their second year.